Quotes Hi my name is Kaye Lawson. My husband and I closed out on our home Dec 29, 2010. What a wonderful Christmas present. All thanks to **Jon Widdifield** he was there every step of the way. See we live out of town he would take his Saturdays and meet With us. He worked around us. He was there from the beginning to the end. Jon was so helpful. Seeing how we didn?t know what water company and so on. He got a list of people we needed to get things done. What more can you ask for. He knew we were in need of a washer and dryer. He heard about one for sale. Emailed us to let us know about it. Very good person to do business with. Very helpful during the whole transaction. Till this very day he is there for us. I recommend him for anyone looking for a house. Such a pleasure doing business with him. Sincerely, Kaye & David Lawson. Quotes
Happy out of towners