How enzymes sustain our inner life force

Posted by bubucuo on June 24, 2014 at 2:15 AM

We are all living, breathing individuals. And for every breath we take each new morning, we are the living testimonies of the life force within us.Inner force or life force is intricately connected to the human body. Therefore, in order to properly "house" this power within us, our bodies must be equally strong.In short, our bodies should achieve optimum health in order to think, feel and act optimally.While most people know that food is the source of energy, many do not truly understand the vital role of enzymes that provide this energy.beta glucanase are large biological molecules responsible for the thousands of metabolic processes that sustain life.
Almost all chemical reactions in a biological cell need enzymes in order to occur at rates sufficient for life.
Metabolic enzymes are devoted to energy production in the cells of our body, and at the same time act as detoxifying agents.Digestive enzymes produced within our body enable food to be broken down into its constituent nutrients. The nutrients can then be passed into the bloodstream and what is not used is passed on as waste.Enzymes contained in raw food help us to digest that particular kind of food, but in general do not help in digestion of any other food.As cooking destroys the buy proteolytic enzymes, raw food is generally better for us than cooked food.Digestive enzymes produced in our body will allow cooked food to be digested.
She then took up raw food cooking classes with the restaurant owner. According to raw food enthusiasts, cooking depletes food’s nutritional content and heat ruins its natural enzymes, which facilitate digestion. A "living food" diet boosts energy levels and prevents or cures diseases.Cancio recalls that for her final exam, she had to get a recipe from a cookbook and mimic its taste using natural ingredients. "I had to interpret satay. I discovered the chicken mushroom which you chop into cubes like meat and put peanut sauce," she says.After living on a raw food diet, Cancio experienced the difference. "In the past, I ate a lot of sugar. When I went to raw food cooking class, I felt so high. Every time I cooked something, I felt alert. When you eat something as close to the ground, you get all the nutrients and alpha amylase for ethanol production that go directly into the bloodstream. You feel energized," she says.
Cancio came home in 2011 to establish La Manille School of Esthetics and Wellness to teach aestheticians, salon and spa owners international standards for beauty treatments. She also opened a raw food restaurant in front of ABS-CBN, thinking she could tap the celebrity market the way Quintessence did in New York. The business lasted only a few months.She tried advocacy again, though the Live Kitchen is more of an extension of her household. "Your body still looks for cooked food," she says.Cancio ditched the fast food for plant-based food, nuts and nut milks. "I feel healthier," she says.She still shuttles to the States for her healthcare business. "My life is about health. I’ve got the Live Kitchen for food, La Manille for beauty, BrainHQ for the mind and gyrotonics. They’re all coming together."

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