EXIT Realty of Beaufort Hosts Awards Luncheon Beaufort SC

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EXIT Realty of Beaufort hosted their annual awards luncheon at the Griffin Market in Beaufort South Carolina on April 4th. The private event was an opportunity to recognize the production and accomplishments of the agents for the year 2013. Greg Bennett, Broker and owner shared the last year's market and some thoughts on the direction of the Beaufort area real estate market.


Janice Baker was awarded the Top Listing Agent, Top Sales Agent and Top Producing Agent for the 2013 calendar year. Janice has been a Top Producer before and is available to work with sellers and buyers in Beaufort and the surrounding areas. A special Esprit de corps award was given to Richard Neill. Richard received this award due to his consistant production, commitment and sharing of common values with the company. Richard is a seasoned realtor and services all of the Beaufort area.

Beaufort SC Real Estate - Exit Realty of Beaufort Your Local Real Estate Professionals
Exit Realty of Beaufort is located in coastal Beaufort South Carolina and serves the local markets of Ladys Island, Port Royal, St Helena Island, Harbor Island, Fripp Island, Dataw Island, Cat Island, in the greater Beaufort County. We offer full service real estate listings and buyers' representation, long term property management, vacation beach rentals, and real estate investment representation. Call us at 843-521-2022.

EXIT Realty of Beaufort Supports Local Soccer Tournaments in Beaufort SC

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April 5, 2014 EXIT Realty of Beaufort headed out to the soccer field to show their support of Grassroots Soccer. This is the third year for the St Peters Shootout tournament in Beaufort SC and EXIT's third year as the sponsor. The tournament is the championship game of the season, which included 8 teams, 4 boys and 4 girls.  Riverview girls team beat St. Peters 1 to 0 with Adrianna Heath scoring the goal. Hilton Head Christian's Lukas O'Grady scored the only goal in the game winning the game for his team.EXIT Realty has purchased the awards for Grassroots Soccer for the past three years. Grassroots Director, Steve Aldred, is originally from the UK where he played semi professional soccer. Steve also spent 11 years coaching in various parts of Asia.Beaufort has been fortunate to have him since July 2010.


Steve will also be directing a summer athletic camp through Bridges Preparatory School. The camp will offer several sports including table tennis, swimming and dance. EXIT Realty will sponsor the awards for this program as well, maintaining support for sports progams in the Beaufort area.

Beaufort SC Real Estate - Exit Realty of Beaufort Your Local Real Estate Professionals
Exit Realty of Beaufort is located in coastal Beaufort South Carolina and serves the local markets of Ladys Island, Port Royal, St Helena Island, Harbor Island, Fripp Island, Dataw Island, Cat Island, in the greater Beaufort County. We offer full service real estate listings and buyers' representation, long term property management, vacation beach rentals, and real estate investment representation. Call us at 843-521-2022.



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Vitamins in moist cloth making

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Enzyme application in leather production at various stages has grown considerably within the last decade. Modern biotechnology techniques make it possible for the growth safe and efficient microbial hosts that large packages for many commercially useful enzymes can be built for particular leather process application.Bakery Enzyme Products Strict world-wide environmental regulations demand leather industry to watch out for sustainable alternatives to chemicals included in beamhouse operations. You can easily observe a considerable change in leather processing from chemical-driven strategies to enzyme-assisted processes. Enzymes provide the unique opportunity to facilitate biochemical reactions without undergoing difference in themselves. Enzyme application plays an important role in soaking, unhairing, bating coupled with degreasing. Specific protease together with lipase enzymes are recommended in soaking and then liming to dissolve non-structural proteins and also to facilitate opening related with fibre structure giving cleaner skins and additionally better yield.Bakery Enzyme Suppliers The advantages of using enzymes in liming are low odour level, reduced BOD/COD levels not to mention potential recovery about hair. Bacterial proteases and pancreatic trypsin utilized in bating make it possible to get rid of the non-collagenous interfibrilliary material. Traditionally, the degreasing associated with wool sheep was completed by solvent extraction which boosts the VOC load. Now, yet, enzyme-based degreasing chemicals which break up the body fat are offered in the market industry. No matter when enzymes widely-used, the process needs stringent control connected with temperature, float together with process time.Bakery Enzyme Manufacturers

Flavia Coffee beans Filterpacks or Freshpacks

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No fair, right They have an advantage on great tastes just by that, yet the secret to the reasons why Flavia is very great lies using their exclusive Flavia filterpack brewing technology. It's not your typical coffee machine! And also is doesn't use "coffee pods!"stainless steel filter pack Actually Flavia started way before the pods. Having begun as a result of 80's, Flavia has perfected the single cup coffee within the awesome way. Have you seen the way the filterpack / freshpack works? It's out of this world -no kidding- wish I did formulate it! Basically, it's a self-contained filter, coffee, funnel, not to mention trash - All-in-one The Flavia Drink Stations are classified as the ONLY systems that can be purchased that requirement extremely little weekly cleaning. It can be the just one will not need daily cleaning. sintered fibre web See, almost every coffee system - single cup or otherwise - has some type about funnel to direct the coffee into the cup. Inherently, this results in a direct contact area along with the coffee or tea which will have to be cleaned daily just like a regular coffee pot or you could have a foul mess. To put it accurately, other system also causes flavour mixture between cups do not clean them after every cup. But not Flavia! I'll post some before and then after pics allowing you to figure out how cool the Flavia coffee freshpack is. Simply speaking, the Flavia filterpack is entirely sealed inside a foil pack that has a plastic spigot start together with a vegetable oil sealed bottom into the foil. Inside is usually a cloth filter at the bottom relating to the foil. When those begins the brewing process, which happens to be only a minute, a needle punctures the plastic spigot to work the piping domestic hot water within the coffee (or tea) pack. As it brews the finely ground coffee within the pack, the base about those is steamed to permit the vegetable oil to loosen and then open the foot about the foil. At this time, the filter inside sets out to decrease just beneath the foil. As pressure builds into the pack, your coffee begins to pour through entirely from the pack's filter into your coffee cup just one inch or possibly even longer below. No funnel, no pot, No Mess! It even blows air over the pack towards the end for the procedure to carry on any excess water to ensure the pack is simply not dripping. sintered mesh In certain models, the Flavia coffee brewers will often throw your used pack right into a small garbage can. On smaller models, you should only toss the pack away and additionally you're done. No mess, just start another cup concerning coffee, tea, cappuccino, mochaccino, etc.. the instant you are ready. No flavour mixture - this this with Almost every other system They can't. Each part related with the process is perfectly timed from your control board to generate the proper cup of coffee. There's significantly more on the internal technology aspect, but you get the picture. Not only could be the quality great, yet it's easy too!Laminated wire mesh

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EXIT Realty Office Gives Back To The Community

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Stevensville: EXIT Realty Office Gives Back to the Community

Stevensville, MD (Grassroots Newswire) 03/04/2014 -- In gratitude for the support shown to EXIT Gold Realty by the local community, the real estate brokerage recently helped organize and support a fundraiser “FIT FOR A CAUSE” for C.A.S.A for Children in the Foster Care System due to Abuse or Neglect. 

Petra Quinn Realtor (R) with EXIT Gold Realty is also a Board Member with the non-profit organization Court Appointed Special Advocates (C.A.S.A.) Queen Anne's and Kent County Chapter. She and fellow Board Member have rallied the local business community to sponsor a charity development event "FIT for a CAUSE" to raise funds to support this worthy cause.

"Every Child deserves a voice. Imagine being taken away from the only people you know and trust, no matter how bad things were, and now have to live with total strangers in a strange house with strange people! CASA volunteers provide that voice to the child. They meet with the child, talk to them, find out what it is they want, need, fear etc. and report back to the judge. We need to make sure that every child can have their own volunteer to advocate for them for a long time to come. I knew our local business community wouldn't let us down and jump on the opportunity to help out. I am very fortunate to work for a broker who understands the importance of giving back and is the first to step up whenever and wherever help is needed." says Quinn. "We appreciate being a part of this wonderful community and welcome the opportunity to give back," says Debbie Houck, Broker/Owner of EXIT Gold Realty.

The event will be held on MARCH 16th, 2014 from 12 – 3 p.m. in the 200 block of Shopping Center Road, Stevensville. The main location is Brickhouse Cardio Club. Adjoining businesses like Synergy Martial Arts, Kent Island Martial Arts, Tangles Salon & Spa and It’s the Pits BBQ and Catering are also active supporters and service providers for the event. Minute Man Press Kent Island has agreed to print the programs for the event. And Vance Morris of ChemDry on the Shore will be the MC.

As part of the fundraiser there will be a raffle for 1 week Condo rental in either BETHANY DE or OCEAN CITY MD! provided by Darlene Winegardner. Tickets can be purchased at any of the supporting locations at 1 for $5.- or 5 for $20.--.

As admission and to be entitled to participate in any of the events, (Zumba®, Martial Arts, Self Defense, Chair Massages, etc) C.A.S.A. is asking for a $10.—donation per adult. Children 16 and under are free. (Children 16 and under cannot receive a chair massage).

Please refer to The Update, the CASA website www.casaqackent.org, and social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter for more information about the event and to learn more about CASA. If you cannot attend the event, a monetary donation would be highly appreciated. You can go to the CASA website to do that or you can go to www.gofundme.com/helpushelpthechildren

Brickhouse Cardio Club is located at 222A Shopping Center Road, Stevensville MD 443-249-3282. Synergy Martial Arts 410-739-4414 and Kent Island Martial Arts Center, 222-B Shopping Center Road, Stevensville, MD 21666, (410) 643-3425. Tangles Salon and Spa, 212 Shopping Center Road, 410-643-4449, It’s the Pits BBQ & Catering 226 Shopping Center Rd., 410-604-1991. Minute Man Press is located at 1209 Shopping Center Road, 410-643-7575. The Update is in Queenstown MD, 410-827-9312. ChemDry on the Shore can be reached at (410) 221-0097.

EXIT Gold Realty is located at 1241 Shopping Center Road, Stevensville, MD 21666.  For more information, please call 410-643-4111 or visit our website www.EXITGoldRealty.com.

Petra Quinn is a 9 year veteran in the residential real estate business on both sides of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, Anne Arundel & Queen Anne’s County. She has been with EXIT Gold Realty in Stevensville MD since 2009. Petra specializes in listing and selling single family homes as well as 1st Time Homebuyers and out of town relocations. Petra is also an active board member of C.A.S.A. for Children of Queen Anne’s and Kent County since 2012. You can reach Petra best on her cell phone at 443-600-1986, or via email Petra@EXITGoldRealty.com. EXIT GOLD REALTY is located at 1241 Shopping Center Road between Dunkin Donuts and Sombreros Mexican Kitchen. The broker, Debbie Houck, can be reached at the office under 410-643-4111.

New ethanol enzymes work well for Novozymes

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Novozymes recently released its nine-month interim financial report, which reveals the fact that the company's new trademarked enzyme technologies, Avantec Spirizyme Achieve, are generally well received by its consumers, the organization said.Beer-brewing compound enzymes Avantec, which has been launched 12 month ago, happens to be used to produce 20 percent relating to USA ethanol. Plus Spirizyme Achieve, launched only four months ago, is commonly used to provide 10 percent of America ethanol. "We're quite willing to work with the shoppers to help them strengthen their ethanol yield and reduce costs by reducing chemicals and additionally energy, and our consumers have reacted exceptionally positively towards the two new products, " Andy Fordyce, Novozymes executive vice president told Ethanol Producer Magazine in a telephone interview. The rate of growth demonstrates great potential, especially since ethanol production rates were down for part about the time period after Avantec was published. "It means us to progress faster compared to market," he added. The growth rate relating to ethanol plants using Spirizyme Achieve happens to be an better surprise, considering it was introduced this minimal time ago. That enzyme is known as a simpler technology, a drop-in alternative to traditional glucoamylases. "With the added yield not wearing running shoes gets it's been a legitimate hit," he explained.alpha amylase brewing Another product, Olexa, a trademarked chemical for corn oil extraction enhancement is additionally performing fine. Yet, the market is smaller towards the product than it can be for any other two enzymes, the corporation said. Overall, the company reported sales growth of 6 percent and additionally growth in net profit regarding 8 percent. Specially in the bioenergy sector, sales showed a robust momentum, growing by Five percent when the 1st 9 months for 2013 are as opposed to same time frame last year. The organization attributed it to good progress in sales regarding Avantec early adoption concerning Spirizyme Achieve.heat-stable alpha amylase Peder Holk Nielsen, president and also CEO connected with Novozymes, said he was content to ensure sales in all areas were causing growth. "On the gains side we're in good condition, we have been able to take margins fairly higher compared to the 1st 9 months about 2012," he explained inside a prepared statement. "I'm excited to determine our customers together with partners advance cellulosic ethanol around the world, coupled with our new collaboration with Razen in Brazil offers many interesting perspectives in a pretty important region for this purpose industry."industrial protease Fordyce pointed to positive developments during the ethanol industry all together. "From a place viewpoint it's great to discover the popular corn crop consist of," he was quoted saying. "It's excellent to find out ethanol prices providing strength to and also certainly corn prices, decreasing, which provides our consumers nice crush margins. Not to mention that is a total nice clean air inside the industry. It provides gotten a good deal people from the tough times (in) the 1st 6 months related with this coming year." enzymes proteases

Fit for a Cause - Fit for C.A.S.A.

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Fit for a Cause - Fit for C.A.S.A.

Petra Quinn is one of our agents and Board Member for CASA for Children in the Foster Care System due to ABuse or Neglect. She is very actively trying to raise necessary funds to help this valuable organization keep doing what they do best: providing a voice for the children. Join the "am for the child" Movement!

Please come out and help us support this worthy cause. It will be a fun filled afternoon, getting you fit while supporting the local children in need. You can inquire about the event by contacting Petra Quinn at 443-600-1986, or you can go to the CASA website at www.casaqackent.org. ALL proceeds from this event go to the organization.


EXIT Gold Realty is located at 1241 Shopping Center Rd. Stevensville.  For more information, please call 410-643-4111 or visit our website www.EXITGoldRealty.com

EXIT Realty is a proven real estate business model that supplies single-level residual income - for agents, security, stability and direction; for agents’ families, security in the form of beneficiary and retirement residuals.  EXIT’s MIND-SET Training Systems offer the industry’s best hands-on, interactive sales training.  State-of-the-art technology, including the Digital Marketing Strategy, gives EXIT Realty agents the edge in a competitive marketplace. EXIT is a by-invitation-only company focusing on the business of real estate. A portion of every transaction fee collected by EXIT International is applied to its charitable fund. To-date, over $2 Million has been pledged to Habitat for Humanity. ​