EXIT Realty of Beaufort Heads to Regional Rally in Columbia SC

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EXIT Realty of Beaufort Agents of Beaufort SC headed to Columbia SC on February 25, where the annual EXIT of the Carolinas Regional Rally and Awards Ceremony took place. 

Seen below are EXIT Realty CEO Tami Bonnell,  Southeast Divisional President Janice Petteway, Regional Owner Mike Washburn, Broker of EXIT Realty of Beaufort Greg Bennett, and EXIT Realty of Beaufort Agent Catherine Mosley.

Special Guest Speakers Tami Bonnell, EXIT Realty CEO, Janice Petteway, Southeast Divisional President, and Blair Myers, #1 ​EXIT agent in Georgia attended and gave incredible training. Broker Greg Bennett was on the panel for a question and answer session.  Lunch and Awards for 2014 Production were also given.

Beaufort SC Real Estate - Exit Realty of Beaufort Your Local Real Estate Professionals
Exit Realty of Beaufort is located in coastal Beaufort South Carolina and serves the local markets of Ladys Island, Port Royal, St Helena Island, Harbor Island, Fripp Island, Dataw Island, Cat Island, in the greater Beaufort County. We offer full service real estate listings and buyers' representation, long term property management, vacation beach rentals, and real estate investment representation. Call us at 843-521-2022.

EXIT Realty of Beaufort Agent Inducted into Beaufort County Association of Realtors 24 February 2015

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A big congrats goes to Lisa Lill, one of our newest agents to be inducted into the Beaufort County Association of Realtors in Beaufort SC!  Lisa received support from the Broker and fellow EXIT Agents, as she was inducted. 

The board office holds quarterly meetings, in which they induct new agents to the Board of Realtors. 

Lisa has plenty of experience with the ins and outs of military relocation.  She not only has the latest tools and technology know how, but has over nine years of marketing and communications experience as well. 

EXIT is excited to have Lisa on the team. Keep checking back on our website for new blogs as well as new blog posts of our agents and what is going on in Beaufort SC and the nearby towns of Ladys Island SC, and Port Royal SC. 

Beaufort SC Real Estate - Exit Realty of Beaufort Your Local Real Estate Professionals
Exit Realty of Beaufort is located in coastal Beaufort South Carolina and serves the local markets of Ladys Island, Port Royal, St Helena Island, Harbor Island, Fripp Island, Dataw Island, Cat Island, in the greater Beaufort County. We offer full service real estate listings and buyers' representation, long term property management, vacation beach rentals, and real estate investment representation. Call us at 843-521-2022.

6 Grace Park Open House 31 July 2014 in Beaufort SC

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6 Grace Park Open House

 Thursday, July 31st 2014



This gorgeous three bedroom, plus bonus room , three bathroom home is custom built from top to bottom.  With approximately 1900 square feet, this home shows attention to detail in every room.  Ten foot ceilings, crown molding and hardwood floors are only some of the features seen here. Granite countertops,  and gas top range  are enjoyed in this gourmet kitchen.  The well designed floor plan allows for privacy in the master suite.

Located minutes away from historic Beaufort SC, this neighborhood is a must see.  It was designed by Duany Plater-Zyberk & Company and awarded "Best Neighborhood Design in America" by the National Association of Home Builders. Habersham offers the views and feel of what Lowcountry is all about.  

With over 3500 trees, this neighborhood preserves much of the natural beauty of the land.  Besides the breathtaking landscape, there are many amenities like boating, fishing, swimming, and nearby golf. The clubhouse is a beautiful place to visit, and behind it are well maintained tennis courts, pool, and a playground.

The community garden area is also a popular place where residents can enjoy. The Habersham Marketplace is full of restaurants and shops, and is a convenient walk from the neighborhood.  It also has its own fire station and post office.

Moments away from shopping, beaches and dining, as well as neighboring areas such as Port Royal SC and Ladys Island SC, this home is in a convenient location for anything that a homeowner would want and need.

Beaufort SC Real Estate - Exit Realty of Beaufort Your Local Real Estate Professionals
Exit Realty of Beaufort is located in coastal Beaufort South Carolina and serves the local markets of Ladys Island, Port Royal, St Helena Island, Harbor Island, Fripp Island, Dataw Island, Cat Island, in the greater Beaufort County. We offer full service real estate listings and buyers' representation, long term property management, vacation beach rentals, and real estate investment representation. Call us at 843-521-2022.

Indians dip into green tea fad, sales soar

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While tea as a category has stopped growing, green tea is bucking the trend. Judging by the numbers, it could be the latest health-food craze of Indians, right up there with cold pressed oils and millets.Vikram Grover, VP and marketing head with Tata Global protease enzyme, which owns tea brand Tetley, says that the green tea category has been growing at around 60% year-on-year compared with black tea that is growing at around 2%. "It has become an aspirational drink for young urban Indians whose food habits are not under control," he says.Green tea is essentially normal tea that is not put through the oxidization process to keep its enzymes intact. Nutritionists tout it as an elixir for people with hectic lifestyles. For instance, medical research points out that green tea helps people lose weight and aids in digestion on top of having a positive effect on heart ailments and type-two diabetes. "It's a fad, but a good fad. At least, it has great health benefits. From gym goers to corporate executives, everyone carries a green tea sachet these days," says Bengaluru-based food blogger Nandita Iyer.
However, palatability is a big factor. Green tea's natural harsh taste has made tea brands like Lipton and Tetley look for new flavours. "We have taken a lot of effort to mask the alien taste of green tea. Two of our best-selling variants are honey and lemon and aloe vera," says Grover of Tetley.Unlike black tea, whose superiority can be judged on the basis of its strength, aroma and flavours, good green tea is supposed to taste harsh. "Its coarse taste is due to the preserved enzymes in the leaves," says Sumit H Shah, executive director of Kolkata-based tea firm Madhu Jayanti International, the maker of Jay Tea.The demand for green tea in the country is also being stoked by clever marketing campaigns. "The main task on green tea is to build appreciation of the protease production benefits of the category and drive penetration amongst consumers. Our key activities are centred around making consumers aware of the category, clearly communicating the benefits and driving trials through sampling," says a spokesperson with HUL, which owns Lipton.And the potential is huge. Although India is the world's second largest tea producer after China, the per capita consumption of tea here is one of the lowest, trailing at around 300gm behind Turkey (3kg) and England (2kg). The market for green tea, pegged at around Rs 50 crore, is the fastest growing in India's Rs 16,000 crore tea industry.
However, Rushdi is against the use of artificial sweeteners. "I'm not for it and I'm not even sure how practical they are to use from a culinary perspective. Also, even if they do work, you'd have to use a large amount for the [larger] dishes and that's a dose that's not acceptable," he said.He declared a more favorable stance towards the use of fructose. However, it's important to make sure that the children who will be eating the dishes are not allergic to fructose, he stressed.Another trick is to reduce the amount of fermentation of sugar used by mixing it with oil. While this may not reduce the fat content, it will reduce the amount of harmful saturated fats found in butter. "Beware of hydrogenated oils though," warned Rushdi.

Inhibit your body from releasing acid enzymes

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Digestive system-related diseases such as celiac/gluten intolerance (in varying degrees), Crohn's Disease, colitis, IBS, heartburn, reflux (GERD), chronic diarrhea, gastro-paresis, diverticular disease, chronic constipation, gallstones and others are really climbing. According to the National Digestive acid protease enzyme Information Clearinghouse (NDDIC) (related to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the National Institutes of Health and the NIDDK), 60-70 million people are affected by all digestive diseases at a cost of $141.8 billion (2004). How much is that today, 10 years later?The stomach is the root of most all digestive disorders, whether in the stomach or the intestines. When symptoms start, most people control them the best they can - usually with over-the-counter remedies. These include antacids, which neutralize the acids in your stomach or acid blockers, which inhibit your body from releasing acid enzymes. When those no longer work, stronger prescriptives are sought. These seemingly simple fixes can come with a cost. Each has a set of problems that can be hard on the body, especially the kidneys, brain, or bowels. They also just mask the problem.
Then, when those fail, what's next? I have an idea - let's fix the problem! Sure, masking the problem with meds helps symptomatically, but what happened to resolving the enzyme manufacturers?With all the demonizing we do about stomach acid, we've forgotten that the body actually NEEDS stomach acid! Your stomach enzymes (particularly hydrochloric acid - HCL) are supposed to be acidic. When the stomach reaches the proper ACID pH of 1.0-2.0, not only does it digest the food in the stomach, but signals are sent to release or convert other enzymes throughout the digestive system. HCL has a very important job of killing any pathogen (bacteria, virus, parasite, mold, fungus, or yeast) that doesn't belong in the body. If HCL is insufficient, we can't break down protein or minerals, and could get sick from contaminated food.
HCL, which is almost as acidic as battery acid, does not damage the stomach because the mucus layers (with entrapped buffering agents) in the stomach are protective. The stomach lining also continuously regenerates itself. What causes burning and reflux are the organic acids released as part of the enzyme company process the body goes through when there isn't enough HCL to enzymatically digest the foods. Basically, the food rots in your stomach and burns it!There are many things that contribute to insufficiency of HCL. First is stress. As part of the stress mechanism, digestion is shut down. To counter that, don't eat when stressed or on the run. Relax when eating. Don't drink cold water with meals, as that can decrease enzyme release. Eat plenty of fresh food, full of live enzymes and avoid packaged, dead foods whenever possible.Consider acupuncture. Acupuncture helps restore digestive balance. It reduces inflammation, stimulates proper HCL release, supports healthy immune functioning, lessens the pain associated with digestive issues and, along with expert guidance with food and supplements, can help stimulate healing of damaged tissues.

How enzymes sustain our inner life force

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We are all living, breathing individuals. And for every breath we take each new morning, we are the living testimonies of the life force within us.Inner force or life force is intricately connected to the human body. Therefore, in order to properly "house" this power within us, our bodies must be equally strong.In short, our bodies should achieve optimum health in order to think, feel and act optimally.While most people know that food is the source of energy, many do not truly understand the vital role of enzymes that provide this energy.beta glucanase are large biological molecules responsible for the thousands of metabolic processes that sustain life.
Almost all chemical reactions in a biological cell need enzymes in order to occur at rates sufficient for life.
Metabolic enzymes are devoted to energy production in the cells of our body, and at the same time act as detoxifying agents.Digestive enzymes produced within our body enable food to be broken down into its constituent nutrients. The nutrients can then be passed into the bloodstream and what is not used is passed on as waste.Enzymes contained in raw food help us to digest that particular kind of food, but in general do not help in digestion of any other food.As cooking destroys the buy proteolytic enzymes, raw food is generally better for us than cooked food.Digestive enzymes produced in our body will allow cooked food to be digested.
She then took up raw food cooking classes with the restaurant owner. According to raw food enthusiasts, cooking depletes food’s nutritional content and heat ruins its natural enzymes, which facilitate digestion. A "living food" diet boosts energy levels and prevents or cures diseases.Cancio recalls that for her final exam, she had to get a recipe from a cookbook and mimic its taste using natural ingredients. "I had to interpret satay. I discovered the chicken mushroom which you chop into cubes like meat and put peanut sauce," she says.After living on a raw food diet, Cancio experienced the difference. "In the past, I ate a lot of sugar. When I went to raw food cooking class, I felt so high. Every time I cooked something, I felt alert. When you eat something as close to the ground, you get all the nutrients and alpha amylase for ethanol production that go directly into the bloodstream. You feel energized," she says.
Cancio came home in 2011 to establish La Manille School of Esthetics and Wellness to teach aestheticians, salon and spa owners international standards for beauty treatments. She also opened a raw food restaurant in front of ABS-CBN, thinking she could tap the celebrity market the way Quintessence did in New York. The business lasted only a few months.She tried advocacy again, though the Live Kitchen is more of an extension of her household. "Your body still looks for cooked food," she says.Cancio ditched the fast food for plant-based food, nuts and nut milks. "I feel healthier," she says.She still shuttles to the States for her healthcare business. "My life is about health. I’ve got the Live Kitchen for food, La Manille for beauty, BrainHQ for the mind and gyrotonics. They’re all coming together."

One component is the way that alcohol is metabolized

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The other way of doing it is a naturalistic study—you get people into the lab the morning after a night when they've been out drinking anyway, and look for the natural symptoms of hangover following that episode. The good thing about the naturalistic approach is it's real drinking and it's much more ecologically valid, it's much more mimicking what happens in real life, and that you can get a greater range of glucoamylase enzyme consumption, with some people at the top end drinking much more significant amounts of alcohol than would be allowed in a carefully controlled lab study.
The problem with that approach though, is that people know they're in a hangover study, because they know that's why they've contacted you, so they probably feel a bit rough and know they don't have to try very hard because it's a hangover study anyway. So there are expectancy effects there. So what we've done in this study, which is completely novel, is we've recruited some people to come into the lab on a morning when they're likely to have been drinking the night before, but there's nothing in the information to suggest we're doing a study on hangover. But where, incidentally, they have been drinking, which in most cases they have, because we timed it that way, we can look at the effects without that expectancy element. Obviously people know they've been drinking but they don't know that we're interested in that, so in that sense they're going to be like anybody who turns up to work having been fungal alpha amylase. They're going to do the best they can with the hangover.
Not completely, but there's definitely some fairly good evidence. One component is the way that alcohol is metabolized. When you drink alcohol, there's an enzyme in the body that breaks down the ethanol in alcohol into metabolites—after you've had a drink of alcohol and felt drunk, once you start to feel sober again, that's because your body has metabolized the ethanol. But once the ethanol has been metabolized, there are usually other alcohols in smaller quantities in alcoholic beverages. One such compound is methanol, and when the body metabolizes methanol, Buying amylase enzyme metabolizes it into toxins—formaldehyde and formic acid. And those make you feel ill, sort of poison you a little bit.
So one part of a hangover is the production of formaldehyde and formic acid, which comes online about 10 or so hours after you've been drinking. And the interesting thing about that is that the enzymes in your body that break down alcohols would prefer to break down ethanol first and methanol second. And it means that when you're in a hangover phase, if you drink more alcohol you'll actually stop your body from breaking down methanol and the things that are making you feel ill, and instead go back to working on the ethanol and leave the methanol intact. So there is a biological basis for the hair of the dog. And that's one of the possible risk factors for why hangover might be a risk factor for alcoholism rather than a natural block for it.But that's not the only mechanism, there are other mechanisms as well. Another mechanism for hangover is immunosuppression. So you know that puffy feeling you get after a night of drinking—that's due to an immune response.

Attack Is Not Always The Best Defense

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It is something like the police force of our body: the immune system. It disables intruding pathogens, it dismantles injured tissue and boosts wound healing. In this form of 'self-defense' inflammatory reactions play a decisive role. But sometimes the body's defense mechanism gets out of control and cells or tissues are affected: "Then excessive reactions can occur and illnesses along with baking enzymes supplier," Prof. Dr. Oliver Werz of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena says. He gives asthma, rheumatism, arteriosclerosis and cancer as examples: "For many of these diseases there are only few effective therapies without severe side effects."But the team of researchers working together with the Jena pharmacist has now developed three active agents which may be able to improve the healing of inflammatory illnesses better in future. The scientists present the potential therapeutic agents in renowned scientific journals. The agents are able to suppress a key enzyme in the body's own cascade of inflammation.
"The enzyme called 5-LOX plays a pivotal role in the synthesis of so-called leukotrienes, which are part of numerous immunological and inflammatory processes," Prof. Werz explains. Hence, the effort to prevent the synthesis of leukotrienes has been the focus of international research for inflammatory therapy for a long time. "Thousands of publications on the subject have emerged in the last 30 years," says Werz. But apart from one exception none of these efforts have made it to the stage of an approved medication. Either the efficacy of the poultry feed enzyme was poor or they were accompanied by unwanted side effects.
As a reason behind this, the Jena pharmacist sees the insufficient understanding of cellular regulation of the leukotriene biosynthesis and the lack of knowledge of the molecular mechanisms of agent and target molecule. "Instead of testing a number of substances to see if one of them might show any activity, we took a close look at 5-LOX and tried to find where exactly this enzyme is vulnerable and what the agents, which can interact with our target molecule, should look like," Werz describes the basis-orientated approach. In this way the scientists of the Jena University together with partners from Austria, Italy, Turkey and fungal alpha amylase, were able to identify three possible agents. So for instance, a so-called benzoquinone proved to be an effective inhibitor of the 5-LOX. This is a substance which is derived from the natural product embelin from the "False Black Pepper"-plant (Embelia ribes). The pharmacists were able to show that this substance fits exactly into the active center of the enzyme and thus blocks its function. "This specifically only happens with 5-LOX," Werz says and stresses that benzoquinone may practically show no side effects.A related substance of the red-violet natural dye indirubin, called 6-BIO, proved to be similarly promising. For this substance, the Jena researchers were able to clarify the mechanism of action as well: the 6-BIO inhibits the enzyme 5-LOX by blocking receptor sites for other molecules which are necessary for it to work properly. "In addition, 6-BIO also intervenes with the synthesis of additional inflammatory factors – the cytokines implying additional synergistic effects." This is why 6-BIO could for instance be of interest for the therapy of Alzheimer's disease, in which cytokines are also playing a role.

EXIT Realty of Beaufort Supports Habitat for Humanity

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EXIT Realty of Beaufort recently purchased 8 studs for the LowCountry Habitat for Humanity fund raiser. This is a fun way to get involved and support our local Habitat. Every house needs 375 studs for the framing of the home. Right now Habitat is short about 60 studs for the next build in Mint Farms.


EXIT Realty had clients, agents, and friends write notes and sign their names on a couple of studs. We also shared studs with Mystic Blu Hair Salon, Bridges Preparatory School, Beaufort High School and Alpha Services. A student from Beaufort High painted the one seen here. For just $200.00 you can sponsor a stud and get creative. Habitat will have a stud finder party once the house is framed where you can see your stud in action! This is a perfect opportunity to sponsor a stud in Honor or Memory of someone, or have a fun get together with friends and "dress up your stud!" We here at EXIT hope you will conisder sponsoring this wonderful event!


EXIT Realty of Beaufort Hosts Appreciation Night in Beaufort SC

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EXIT Realty of Beaufort hosted it's first 2014 client appreciation night. Every quarter EXIT invites clients, closing attorneys, mortgage lenders, vendors, cooperating agents and friends to a cocktail party. There was a nice turn out and everyone had alot of fun. It is a wonderful opportunity for buyers and sellers to meet the team that helped make their real estate transaction a success.


Not only is it a time for fun, food and celebration, it is a fantastic networking opportunity for those in attendance. EXIT Realty is a full service real estate company in Beaufort SC and it's team of professionals are equipped to help sellers and buyers with their real estate needs.


Beaufort SC Real Estate - Exit Realty of Beaufort Your Local Real Estate Professionals
Exit Realty of Beaufort is located in coastal Beaufort South Carolina and serves the local markets of Ladys Island, Port Royal, St Helena Island, Harbor Island, Fripp Island, Dataw Island, Cat Island, in the greater Beaufort County. We offer full service real estate listings and buyers' representation, long term property management, vacation beach rentals, and real estate investment representation. Call us at 843-521-2022.