EXIT Realty of Beaufort Heads to Regional Rally in Columbia SC

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EXIT Realty of Beaufort Agents of Beaufort SC headed to Columbia SC on February 25, where the annual EXIT of the Carolinas Regional Rally and Awards Ceremony took place. 

Seen below are EXIT Realty CEO Tami Bonnell,  Southeast Divisional President Janice Petteway, Regional Owner Mike Washburn, Broker of EXIT Realty of Beaufort Greg Bennett, and EXIT Realty of Beaufort Agent Catherine Mosley.

Special Guest Speakers Tami Bonnell, EXIT Realty CEO, Janice Petteway, Southeast Divisional President, and Blair Myers, #1 ​EXIT agent in Georgia attended and gave incredible training. Broker Greg Bennett was on the panel for a question and answer session.  Lunch and Awards for 2014 Production were also given.

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Are there any opportunities in GMOs?

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The global report on GM crops released by the International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-biotech applications (ISAAA) this year has revealed that last year in 2013, the world marked the 18th consecutive year of commercial cultivation of genetically modified organisms (GMOs).What does it mean to "genetically engineer" an organism?When scientists genetically engineer a plant or animal, they remove a gene from one buy protease enzymes (or a specific variety of an organism) and transfer that gene to a different organism (or different variety) using recombinant DNA methods.The new gene becomes integrated into every cell of the organism and is inherited by the organism's offspring. In most cases, the new gene produces a new protein, which then provides the organism with some useful trait. Unfortunate, Tanzania has not yet started producing GM crops due to strictly liability clause. The strictly liability clause requires among other things, any scientist, person, agent or institution carrying out any activity in relation to GMOs be liable to whatever effect that may occur from his/her research.The global report said in just two decades, the volume of land on which biotech crops are grown has increased from 1.7 million hectares in 1996 — the first year of commercial planting — to about 175 million hectares in 2013.According to the director of the International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-biotech Applications ISAAA AfriCentre ,Alpha Amylase, in 2013, more than 18 million farmers in 27 countries across the world made independent choices to grow biotech crops.Yet, despite these figures showing a technology on the upward trajectory in terms of adoption, the anti-GMO lobby has continued to hold its position that farmers shouldn't grow biotech crops due to a myriad of excuses. Karembu who is also the Chair of the Open Forum on Agricultural Biotechnology (OFAB) Kenya Chapter, programming committee says it is important to note such excuses are perpetuated through the most advanced and efficient use of information and communication technologies."Contrary to widely held opinion that GM technology will only benefit multi-nationals and is meant for large-scale farmers, the latest trends reveal otherwise," She said.How then can this contradiction be explained? Is it okay for one segment of beta-glucanase enzyme to access the best technology available for their communication (or is it mis-communication?) but unacceptable to avail similar opportunities and choices to farmers to make farming more efficient? Could such a large number of farmers be fooled for nearly two decades with a technology that is not delivering? Would the governments of these countries growing or approving use of biotech crops be so indifferent and reckless as to allow and support application of the technology in their territories?Karembu says the first problem with the whole debate against biotech crops is differentiating between perception and reality. A German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche once said: "The most perfidious way of harming a cause consists of defending it deliberately with faulty arguments."While I don't subscribe to Nietzsche's philosophical theories, this one statement could hold true in this context, she says.Contrary to widely held opinion that GM technology will only benefit multi-nationals and is meant for large-scale farmers, the latest trends reveal otherwise.

I Survived Drinking 23 Drams at a Whisky Festival in Scotland

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So this is 30-something. After spending my 20s heavily experimenting with drinks (tequila and tomato juice? Sure), a slow realisation crept in. If I stuck to one spirit and one spirit alone, I might feel less like Gollum after a 20-minute tanning bed the next morning.I settled on whisky. I would drink low temp for food enzymes neat, swirling the ice chunks around like an absolute don (Corelone or Draper). I would revel in the newfound respect from my father, himself a lifelong whiskey drinker. I'm a good Scottish girl—it's in my blood to have a wee dram every night.Roughly at the same time that this booze epiphany was breaking, I realized I should never go to another music festival again. Having endured a final, traumatic Glastonbury a few years ago and a night at Leeds Festival spent in a one-man tent under a serviette and surrounded by ham sandwiches, I reached a tipping point. Still, when I got an email from someone asking me if I'd like to make a pilgrimage to Islay in Scotland's Inner Hebrides for their music and whisky festival, I (nearly) shat myself with excitement. Islay is the innermost Hebredian island. Its population hangs around 10,000 sheep and 3,000 people. A tiny propeller plane lands in the airport—a tin shed near some sheep—twice a day. Here's a picture, with my bag for scale.I sat with this chill dude waiting for one of the four taxis on the island that came to take me to the Bunnahabhain Distillery. The air rattling through the windows was, unlike the grey asshole smoke that London blows at you, like heaven on earth. The surrounding fields were lush and verdant, rolling into a sea the color of Walter White's crystal meth, and all overlooked by the tits-like Paps of Jura.Islay is famed for its whisky. Irish monks first started distilling it there in the 14th century, growing barley like nobody's business with the island's pure water and peaty soil. There are now 11 distilleries, and some of these places like Bunnahabhain produce small batches of single malts. Others, like Laphroaig or Lagavulin, produce blends—the difference between having good shit and really good shit. A single malt means exactly that—a whisky from one batch. A blend is a—still delicious—mixture of malts from loads of different whiskies. This guy, Andrew—who runs the show at the Bunnahabhain distillery—is pretty much the Mick Jagger of wine enzyme. Everywhere we went, women threw themselves at him, asking him to sign their bottles. Before I'd even introduced myself, he'd offered me two drams, a Bunnahabhain 12-year, and a limited edition 17-year.After having been off the menu for nearly a century, niche or massed produced, the whisky industry is having a boom. Bunnahabhain has just hired three more tour guides—a three hundred percent rise from last year. During the festival, each distillery on the island has an open day. You can have a guided tour, buy a bottle of limited edition bottle available only on that day, eat a sausage sarnie that's fried up in front of you by a nice lady who runs Munchbox—the island's greasy spoon—listen to a local cèilidh band and basically riff with whisky pals from around the world like this man, wearing a shirt that says “single malt whisky drinker” on the back. Yes, that is a whisky glass on a lanyard. Worship him.

Cooperative Maintenance and Repairs Workshop

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Want to keep your co-op safe, affordable, and viable for the long term? This workshop for City First Homes co-op members will help you get the tools you need to keep your cooperative and your unit safe and well-maintained.

Staff from Mi Casa, Inc. will discuss how to create a maintenance plan for your co-op, which can reduce the co-op's long term costs and keep it safe for years to come.

When:  Saturday June 7th from 10am - 12 noon

Where: LAYC Career Academy Public Charter School (3047 15th St NW Washington, DC--Columbia Heights)

Another popular neighborhood is: Dupont Circle


Washington, D.C. Listings for Sale and Real Estate Services—Tammey Drummond.

Tammey is your Real Estate expert for Petworth, Columbia Heights & Dupont Circle.  You now have free access to countless neighborhoods within the nation’s capital--Ultimate Real Estate Search Engine!  Call me today and let's discuss how I can help you save when you buy, invest or sell real estate.  Exit Bennett Realty (301) 661-6252.

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Easy methods to: Pack you got it Bag

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A detailed kit concerns more than just creating a camera and then lenses. For successful travel photography you ought to supplement the camera gear with a bit of other equipment. Secrets though is to pack as small together with efficiently as it can be. You ought not risk take a lot, but neither do you wish to discover on the top related with a mountain that you could have left something vital behind.horizental tank Camera Bag When you're set on travel photography together with have a very DSLR accompanied by a number about lenses, you need some sort regarding camera bag to lug all that stuff around with you. Camera bags would definitely be a trade-off between portability and additionally access. If you've got lots regarding gear presented superior picture and backpack-style camera bag is perfect for carrying a good amount of equipment. A shoulder style bag is fantastic for walking around capturing pictures, since you can easily access stuff. Cash in a mixture of associated with both: a backpack for transporting trekking a minute shoulder style bag for day-to-day use.hydraulic oil filter Cards and additionally card case Camera memory hasn't ever been so cheap. Ensure you have plenty connected with cards and you'll not really have to skimp on those experiences. It's also worth using a decent card case to organise all relating to the cards, so you know which might be used and which haven't. Backup drive Digital photographs are inherently ephemeral: they may be easily deleted, corrupted and then lost forever. However, they can also be easily copied, so it's all to easy to make a back-up. It's my job to use a laptop plus external hard disk, together with make three copies before I erase not to mention re-use a storage device. If you do not desire to head over to this level, I'd still recommend a stand-alone backup drive and additionally enough memory cards you don't really need to reuse them so you will have two copies.automatic back wash filter strainer Remote release Should you be going to shoot which has a tripod, you will need some sort concerning remote release to avert touching directly not to mention triggering the camera to shake. Many cameras have a bundled remote release, in case not you can actually purchase a secondhand wireless remote for approximately 15. Mine works over 30 metres and then has a bulb facility for unlimited exposures. Spirit level For everybody who is attending shoot panoramas utilizing a tripod, you'll need to make certain that the digital camera entirely level, or else the wonderful pictures won't line up. A good method is with a mini spirit level, that will stay on the camera's hot shoe (the place mountable flash might be attached).Special filter

Diversified use associated with enzymes in Bio-technology for textile wet processing!!

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Role relating to enzymes in Bio-technology for textile wet processing:The all micro-organisms enzymes are extensively used in textile sectors. There're so suitable that swap out the uses for toxic chemicals, reduce activation energy, maximum result with minimum cost and even environment-friendly. To ensure that they are far and widely utilised in singeing, scouring, bleaching, mercerizing, ETP plant, bio-polishing, finishing etc not to mention play an important role in textile sectors. Enzymes plus their classifications: Enzymes, the micro-organism which is viewed as the heart for the bio-technology, are consists regarding proteins, that has a high molecular weight, consist for long chain regarding proteins held together by peptide bonds. They are simply seen in all living cells and also works as a catalyst in bio-chemical reactions.Bakery Enzyme

Flavia Coffee beans Filterpacks or Freshpacks

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No fair, right They have an advantage on great tastes just by that, yet the secret to the reasons why Flavia is very great lies using their exclusive Flavia filterpack brewing technology. It's not your typical coffee machine! And also is doesn't use "coffee pods!"stainless steel filter pack Actually Flavia started way before the pods. Having begun as a result of 80's, Flavia has perfected the single cup coffee within the awesome way. Have you seen the way the filterpack / freshpack works? It's out of this world -no kidding- wish I did formulate it! Basically, it's a self-contained filter, coffee, funnel, not to mention trash - All-in-one The Flavia Drink Stations are classified as the ONLY systems that can be purchased that requirement extremely little weekly cleaning. It can be the just one will not need daily cleaning. sintered fibre web See, almost every coffee system - single cup or otherwise - has some type about funnel to direct the coffee into the cup. Inherently, this results in a direct contact area along with the coffee or tea which will have to be cleaned daily just like a regular coffee pot or you could have a foul mess. To put it accurately, other system also causes flavour mixture between cups do not clean them after every cup. But not Flavia! I'll post some before and then after pics allowing you to figure out how cool the Flavia coffee freshpack is. Simply speaking, the Flavia filterpack is entirely sealed inside a foil pack that has a plastic spigot start together with a vegetable oil sealed bottom into the foil. Inside is usually a cloth filter at the bottom relating to the foil. When those begins the brewing process, which happens to be only a minute, a needle punctures the plastic spigot to work the piping domestic hot water within the coffee (or tea) pack. As it brews the finely ground coffee within the pack, the base about those is steamed to permit the vegetable oil to loosen and then open the foot about the foil. At this time, the filter inside sets out to decrease just beneath the foil. As pressure builds into the pack, your coffee begins to pour through entirely from the pack's filter into your coffee cup just one inch or possibly even longer below. No funnel, no pot, No Mess! It even blows air over the pack towards the end for the procedure to carry on any excess water to ensure the pack is simply not dripping. sintered mesh In certain models, the Flavia coffee brewers will often throw your used pack right into a small garbage can. On smaller models, you should only toss the pack away and additionally you're done. No mess, just start another cup concerning coffee, tea, cappuccino, mochaccino, etc.. the instant you are ready. No flavour mixture - this this with Almost every other system They can't. Each part related with the process is perfectly timed from your control board to generate the proper cup of coffee. There's significantly more on the internal technology aspect, but you get the picture. Not only could be the quality great, yet it's easy too!Laminated wire mesh

New clean-up products with inserted enzymes can often mean cheaper laundry bills

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Doing laundry also enhances chemical content which gets flushed on the drains and also subsequently reaches ponds. While there is treatment plants that cleanup the sewage water, home loan business the addition regarding these chemicals could be genuinely helpful. Enzymes are the catalysts in detergents that help effectively clean clothes and also remove dirt. Quality and also expensive enzymes are often the variance the expensive detergents which offer better results and then the cheaper ones which are not good. But scientists have come up with the first choice to make laundry significantly cheaper plus use these expensive enzymes over once.thermostable alpha amylase Enzymes for instance amylase, cellulase, protease plus lipase break up oil stains, dirt and additionally mud into smaller pieces which have been soluble in water. This element helps in easier removal concerning stains. However, when the washing process is complete the enzymes are washed down the drain, despite being still active. These costly enzymes can be employed several times onto purchase the same results together with new plastic utensils and also brushes think you are developed who do the exact.Ethanol Enzymes Scientists have ingrained these four enzymes onto plastic surface connected with the cleaning brushes and also utensils coupled with a wash with your while using the cheaper detergents has provided the same as well as results than using expensive detergents with ordinary plastic brushes not to mention containers. The enzymes were successfully reused for more that 200 washes over a time period of 3-4 months plus this new technique for ‘reusable enzymes’ can assist make cheaper cleaning products that provide excellent results. Of course, furthermore, it gets rid of wastage together.alpha-amylase enzyme

Enzymes: How to use them in daily life

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It actually was learnt around 1930 that Enzymes are boon for the human body. As most of the functions about the entire body are conducted through the Enzymes. Enzymes is a boon to the human body. It is asserted that if enzymes were not there then our own bodies will need a exceptionally high temprature for all you metabolic changes which are as far back as every moment plus everyday. This temperature without enzymes shall be so expensive of the fact that body will be burnt up. It really is all due to catalytic action for enzymes these changes occur with the the body's temperature.industrial enzyme Some practitioners described the experience of the enzymes as almost like that regarding the spark turn on a auto. In these automobiles if there may be petrol, the engine can be quite new or sufficiently good, it was in excellent also the automobile will begin as long as the spark plug ignites the fuel sets the engines going. Similar to it is the function relating to enzymes ?C they simply start the living machine going that is all. They also have been called catalytic agents they do not participate in the particular metabolic changes nonetheless presence is really a necessity for ones move to come to pass.catalase enzyme Our body must remain forwarded to enzymes. Bootled enzymes undoubtedly are a extremely poor substitute for natural enzymes. They're just contained in green (uncooked) in sprout ( uncooked). It truly is worth mentioning here that the range concerning temperature where the enzymes can live is between 40 degree to 7 degrees regarding centigrade. The actual result would certainly moment you raise the tempeerature on the boiling temperature of water or lower in the freezing temperature of water the enzymes are shattered. Hence eat sprouts to get enzymes . The sprouts ought to be eaten raw not to mention uncooked for max advantage. enzyme for brewing Uses about enzymes From the preparation concerning many different foods.: Amylases that happen to be present in yeast can be used in brewing and baking to transform sugars into alcohol and co2.Brewing Enzyme Manufacturers Proteases are utilized in tenderising meat. Rennin is really important to bring about cheese.Brewing Enzyme Suppliers

Direct Sim of Thermal Move Through Sintered Wick Microstructures

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Porous sintered microstructures are essential that you the functioning of passive heat transport devices such as heat pipes. The topology and microstructure for the porous wick play a critical role in determining the thermal performance concerning such devices. Three sintered copper wick samples in commercial heat pipes are characterized from this work in terms of their thermal transport properties-porosity, effective thermal conductivity, permeability, and also interfacial heat transfer coefficient. The available for public use samples about nearly identical porosities (much like 61% open volume high molecular polymer filter ) are CT scanned at 5.5 mu m resolution, and additionally the resulting image stack is reconstructed to develop high-quality finite volume meshes representing the solid interstitial pore regions, with a conformal mesh with the interface separating this pair of regions. The resulting mesh is then used for numerical analysis associated with thermal transport through fluid-saturated porous sintered beds. Multiple realizations are being used for statistically averaging out the randomness exhibited by way of the samples under consideration. The efficient thermal conductivity and permeability data are compared with analytical models made for spherical particle beds. The dependence relating to effective thermal conductivity associated with sintered samples about the extent associated with sintering is quantified. The interfacial heat transfer coefficient is compared against a correlation with the literature based upon experimental data obtained with spherical particle beds. A modified correlation is proposed to correspond with the end result obtained.pharmaceutics filter